Monday, January 26, 2015

Do you Know Blogging is a good Online Business

Nowadays computer has become so common and it is compulsory for every home. But assume that you are using computer and internet for the first time want to make money through the internet. But unfortunately you just have some basic know how of computer/internet, such as operating windows, Internet surfing, email sending/receiving, or maybe you didn’t have any extra computer skills.     

At this time, if someone asks  you about making money with online business without investment. Maybe he will not give you a complete answer, or may be he will say you that, “Create a website/blog, add some contents and you have done”. Do you think is it very easy? No, this work takes lot of time and you needs some knowledge and research to your topic.  But may be your first question is what is blog?.    

In this I will try best to help peoples like you. You don’t have to worry about all your questions, because keep reading the right info can help you make a good business online. I will guide you to the right path of online business as much as I can according to my knowledge and information are keep posting. After learning from this blog you will able to make money online with your blog/website by applying those proven tricks for online business and marketing. You will be able to have a successful online business. 

My main objective is to help all unemployed people who are searching for jobs, and didn’t find a single one for them. By working following those steps provided in this you'll at least start able to make money. I am sure that you will resolve your unemployment issue, if you follow the guides in the right direction. 
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Friday, February 26, 2010

Your First Day in Blogging

If we think many years back about internet then we see at that time internet is just bounded in web pages. As time passed, Picture, Sound, Animation makes this world interesting for people. Then, we saw the brilliant innovation of Search engine, which make the internet more near to the people, because, with help of search engine a person search for anything that he wants. Now, the revolution of internet is progressing well, and more re the features are adding to internet day by day. Then, we see Blogs and Blogging, which is also a new part of the internet world.

What is Blog?
It is the place at which anyone can write about anything that he wants. Today blogs are the most popular creation of internet among the people. That's why Blog is increasing rapidly. The big reason of the increase is that with the help of blogs anyone can write online and show it to the whole population of internet, But, if he goes to the right way So, his words will get the attraction of the internet world.

Blogs can be defined as, A place at which anyone writing and publishing anything online, and these form a list of, weblinks. Blogs are also known as weblog. Who write blogs are blogger, anyone can be a blogger and write blogs with any aim?, People with any profession can be a blogger (News reporter, Columnist, Journalist, Online diaries, Celebrity).

A News website is a main example of the blog, which form like a blog. In the news site, we see every day changing news of the world and these are frequently updating and publishing. Nowadays, blogs are used for numerous purposes. But, it is not guaranteed that all blogs are using in a good way, a blog may be also using in a negative way, for example, weblog which is providing health information to the people, so, the blog is for a positive way. But, if a person hates some buddy mostly are celebrities, politicians, etc. then, he writes a blog against them. So, this blog is using in a negative way.

How Blogs are Different from Website?
Now you're thinking that how blogs are different from websites. Basically there is no difference between blog and website. However, the method of work in blog is different from websites. In websites, if you want to write about something you first need to create an HTML page, then publish your work online. In blogs, if you want to write you don't need to create any HTML, but write just as you working in a word processor and when you complete your written works then you just need to press 'Publish' button and all your work will be online in seconds, and this way you save big time. The reason of this fast work is that blog is working under software, which is managing all the content that we write. It seems like a file box, in which whenever you write all your work placed in a correct place of the file box.

Now we discuss about the most popular blog service, in which you can create your own blog and publish your writing work by doing few simple steps.
Now you've understood about blogs (Weblogs) and how they are different from websites. As we described above that blogs are working under the software. Today, many websites are using software where we see 'Powered by'. Softwares are helping website to work easy, fast and good management.

How to Change Looks and Appearance of Blog?
In blogs if you want to change the basic appearance and looks of the blog then you don't need to create any separate html for every single entry of content. However, you must need to choose a template of the blog. When you select it then all your content will appear in the design that you see in template of blog.

Some Important Blog Terms
Entry: A piece of content in a blog is blog entry.
Post: sometimes blog entries are post when they published with Date & Time stamp (label).
Archive: All blog post/entries arranged in a month & year wise list. This list in a blog is archive of blog or blog archive.

Note:You can get all blog learning in urdu at Compurdu Blog Learning.
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Points for Success and Failure in Adsense

As you know that to when people want to start their online business, they think that, they start their first business with Google Adsense, which is a good choice. So, they get a blog or website, and putting some contents and don't think about duplication or originality of the contents.

However, when they start the business with Adsense, they were getting many problems in this business, because when they applied for Adsense, Google didn't approve because of numerous reasons, and nowadays it's harder to approve with Adsense, and the reason is Big G changes its policy time to time.

Anyways, Adsense gets them approved. Then, they have problems with monetization of Adsense account, and the reason is Google Adsense is not a quick money making program, and it takes time for monetization process, but if you passed this process well and without any cheat then you will get all great opportunities that Google has promised you.

However, remind that, don't try to cheat with Google Adsense by clicking your own ads or telling any buddy to click after that you are in danger to lose this business. Even so, it is much easy for another person to blast your Adsense business by keep clicking too many ads in a short time period and your Adsense making business ended over, and all your efforts with Adsense program become useless, and you are out of the contest from Adsense for sometime.

However, you can start this business again by approving a new Adsense account. But, for this time to approve from Adsense is not very easy. Because, Google has implemented new policies in which you must satisfy your blog or website, and some important points of Google's policies are:

1. Your blog or website must be 6 month old and updating continuously.
2. Your content must be original, and you didn't copy from any other resource.
3. You didn't get any traffic exchange programs that increase your site traffic.

Now follow these rules to make a value of the blog or website to Adsense:
1. Now don't copy contents from other, but make new fresh contents with your hand written articles. I know it is hard for every beginner to create article, but If you research well for your topic and then write it in our own then it is a very easy job.
2. Do not use traffic exchange. However, promote your site legally by posting links to other related website, forums, blogs and, etc.

After several weeks when you have 30+ original own written articles then you can apply for Adsense account. I believe that you will definitely approve from them, and you can start this business again and for this time keep your site in a way that Google Adsense wants, and you will get the real success in Adsense money making machine.
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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Use Google Adword Keyword Tool

Google Adword Keyword Tool is the best Keyword Research tool and the big advantage of this tool is that the use of this Keyword Research tool is completely free. By this way you don't need to pay for money to get other Keyword Researching Tools.

With The help of this Tool you can find out the Search Volume of your Typed Keyword from previous month to previous years and also find the CPC (Cost-per-Click) of the keyword. Before Researching with this tools keep in mind that add those keywords to your keyword from this tool which have high search volume and high CPC for high money, to do this use your own judgment.

Now, How to Use This Tool?

You can use this tool very easily, because of very friendly environment of this tool. By using this tool you will be able to make a list of relevant keywords for you site content which would be helpful for your niche oriented site. Let's Get Started:

To do any research with this tool, you will need to do the following steps:

1. First Select Your Region (Search Results will obtained from this Region)
2. Select Type of Search
3. Enter Your Keywords
4. Enter Captcha code

Now our Research is Done, Check your Results and make your keyword list. Now I am giving information For Using This Keyword Tool:

Google Adword Keyword Tool Has Two Options for Using Keyword Researching:

1. Descriptive Word or phrase:
By Selecting this option you will get the keywords results related to your typed keyword in this tool. This Option gives you two types of search:

  1. Get Keywords Only Related to the Site Concept Keywords: If you unchecked the Use synonym check box then you will get keyword list only related to your site concept keyword. Select also Exact option from Match Type drop-down list box for this type of research. Getting Keywords List with this option is very helpful for creating content of the site.
  2. Get Keywords Relevant to the Typed Keyword: If you checked the Use synonym check box then you will get keyword list relevant keyword to your site typed keyword. Select also Broad option from Match Type drop-down list box to see the whole popularity of this keyword.

2. Website Content:

By selecting this option box you need to enter the URL of the site to get related keyword for site. This option watches the topics present on your site and give results only related to your site contents.
This is a very good thing to type the URL of the site related to your keywords, and then get keyword list related to this site and add this list in your keyword list. After doing this enter you site's URL and get related to this site content.

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How to make a Niche Oriented Site

If you are not created your new site or planning for a new site for online money making business and want some more money online with a website. So, you must read this article before taking any decision.

To Creating A New Website or Blog for Online Making, First you need to find your best site concept which you know and love, you know what the purpose of the site, you have much knowledge about it, you know what purpose of the site (e.g. The Site Concept this site is to give you Free Online Information About Anything).

When you are ready for your site concept, then write it on your copy step whenever you get ideas about you site concept.
These results you have written on your copy called keywords, Click Here To Find Out How Keywords are Important on the internet. But Before writing keywords for new site concept the following points should be keep in mind :
  • Keywords related To Theme of your site
  • Keywords have High-Demand on the Internet(Have High Search Volume on net)
  • Keywords give low-supply (Have low competition on net to get rank well)
After writing the Site Concept Keywords from you own ideas. Now Choose Top 5 Keyword from this list of keywords that you have created. Now The Real one Step For Niche Oriented Site is now Started, Because now you are going to research and analyzing for your site concept keywords.

For Researching and Analyzing for your site concept, I am giving you free links of 20 Best Free Keyword Research Tools, That Are

Google Adword Keyword Research Tool

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