Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to make a Niche Oriented Site

If you are not created your new site or planning for a new site for online money making business and want some more money online with a website. So, you must read this article before taking any decision.

To Creating A New Website or Blog for Online Making, First you need to find your best site concept which you know and love, you know what the purpose of the site, you have much knowledge about it, you know what purpose of the site (e.g. The Site Concept this site is to give you Free Online Information About Anything).

When you are ready for your site concept, then write it on your copy step whenever you get ideas about you site concept.
These results you have written on your copy called keywords, Click Here To Find Out How Keywords are Important on the internet. But Before writing keywords for new site concept the following points should be keep in mind :
  • Keywords related To Theme of your site
  • Keywords have High-Demand on the Internet(Have High Search Volume on net)
  • Keywords give low-supply (Have low competition on net to get rank well)
After writing the Site Concept Keywords from you own ideas. Now Choose Top 5 Keyword from this list of keywords that you have created. Now The Real one Step For Niche Oriented Site is now Started, Because now you are going to research and analyzing for your site concept keywords.

For Researching and Analyzing for your site concept, I am giving you free links of 20 Best Free Keyword Research Tools, That Are

Google Adword Keyword Research Tool


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