Wednesday, September 9, 2009

How to Use Google Adword Keyword Tool

Google Adword Keyword Tool is the best Keyword Research tool and the big advantage of this tool is that the use of this Keyword Research tool is completely free. By this way you don't need to pay for money to get other Keyword Researching Tools.

With The help of this Tool you can find out the Search Volume of your Typed Keyword from previous month to previous years and also find the CPC (Cost-per-Click) of the keyword. Before Researching with this tools keep in mind that add those keywords to your keyword from this tool which have high search volume and high CPC for high money, to do this use your own judgment.

Now, How to Use This Tool?

You can use this tool very easily, because of very friendly environment of this tool. By using this tool you will be able to make a list of relevant keywords for you site content which would be helpful for your niche oriented site. Let's Get Started:

To do any research with this tool, you will need to do the following steps:

1. First Select Your Region (Search Results will obtained from this Region)
2. Select Type of Search
3. Enter Your Keywords
4. Enter Captcha code

Now our Research is Done, Check your Results and make your keyword list. Now I am giving information For Using This Keyword Tool:

Google Adword Keyword Tool Has Two Options for Using Keyword Researching:

1. Descriptive Word or phrase:
By Selecting this option you will get the keywords results related to your typed keyword in this tool. This Option gives you two types of search:

  1. Get Keywords Only Related to the Site Concept Keywords: If you unchecked the Use synonym check box then you will get keyword list only related to your site concept keyword. Select also Exact option from Match Type drop-down list box for this type of research. Getting Keywords List with this option is very helpful for creating content of the site.
  2. Get Keywords Relevant to the Typed Keyword: If you checked the Use synonym check box then you will get keyword list relevant keyword to your site typed keyword. Select also Broad option from Match Type drop-down list box to see the whole popularity of this keyword.

2. Website Content:

By selecting this option box you need to enter the URL of the site to get related keyword for site. This option watches the topics present on your site and give results only related to your site contents.
This is a very good thing to type the URL of the site related to your keywords, and then get keyword list related to this site and add this list in your keyword list. After doing this enter you site's URL and get related to this site content.


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