Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Three Points for Success and Failure in Adsense

As you know that to when people want to start their online business, they think that, they start their first business with Google Adsense, which is a good choice. So, they get a blog or website, and putting some contents and don't think about duplication or originality of the contents.

However, when they start the business with Adsense, they were getting many problems in this business, because when they applied for Adsense, Google didn't approve because of numerous reasons, and nowadays it's harder to approve with Adsense, and the reason is Big G changes its policy time to time.

Anyways, Adsense gets them approved. Then, they have problems with monetization of Adsense account, and the reason is Google Adsense is not a quick money making program, and it takes time for monetization process, but if you passed this process well and without any cheat then you will get all great opportunities that Google has promised you.

However, remind that, don't try to cheat with Google Adsense by clicking your own ads or telling any buddy to click after that you are in danger to lose this business. Even so, it is much easy for another person to blast your Adsense business by keep clicking too many ads in a short time period and your Adsense making business ended over, and all your efforts with Adsense program become useless, and you are out of the contest from Adsense for sometime.

However, you can start this business again by approving a new Adsense account. But, for this time to approve from Adsense is not very easy. Because, Google has implemented new policies in which you must satisfy your blog or website, and some important points of Google's policies are:

1. Your blog or website must be 6 month old and updating continuously.
2. Your content must be original, and you didn't copy from any other resource.
3. You didn't get any traffic exchange programs that increase your site traffic.

Now follow these rules to make a value of the blog or website to Adsense:
1. Now don't copy contents from other, but make new fresh contents with your hand written articles. I know it is hard for every beginner to create article, but If you research well for your topic and then write it in our own then it is a very easy job.
2. Do not use traffic exchange. However, promote your site legally by posting links to other related website, forums, blogs and, etc.

After several weeks when you have 30+ original own written articles then you can apply for Adsense account. I believe that you will definitely approve from them, and you can start this business again and for this time keep your site in a way that Google Adsense wants, and you will get the real success in Adsense money making machine.


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